Julie Spool
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Julie Spool is a gymnast and works very hard to perform backflips and other cool tricks in her routines. Read a story about her here:

Julie was training to be the best gymnast at the Olympics, but she was scared of one thing: heights.

In all of her practicing, she did every routine perfectly, even the balance beam. But, when she arrived at the Olympics, the balance beam was so much higher than the one she practiced on! She was so scared of going up that high and doing the balance beam. When it came to her turn, she looked at her coach, who told her to imagine that it was near the ground and not look down.

Julie did what she said. Left…Right…Left…Right…She carefully moved one foot at a time across the balance beam, being careful not to look down, and before she knew it, she reached the other side! She got full points from all of the judges, and won a trophy because she was able to do so well on the balance beam.
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