Meet the Champs

Meet Mark Martin
Mr. Mark Martin works as a pilot and flies planes all around the world. Read a story about one of his adventures:
One day, Mr. Martin got a call. There were 10 people stranded on an island in the middle...
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Meet Frank Genovese
Frank Genovese is a mailman. Every day, he delivers letters and packages to hundreds of different houses. Read Frank’s story:
One day, Mr. Frank was out delivering mail...
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Meet Paul Belick
Mr. Paul Belick is a policeman. He works in the police station and helps to catch criminals and put them in jail. Here is his story:
One morning, three robbers went to the bank...
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Meet Mona Grills
Ms. Mona Grills is a professional ballet dancer. She dances in different recitals and performances. Here is her story:
Mona had a big ballet recital coming up soon. She practiced her routine every day with...
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Meet Martha Davis
Martha Davis is a teacher that teaches kids to read, write and do math in school. Read her story here:
On Ms. Martha Davis’s first day of teaching, she walked into her class. All of the kids were...
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Meet Ronald Valentine (RV)
Ronald Valentine, aka RV, is a race car driver. He races in a very fast red car. Read a story about RV here:
One day, RV’s arch-nemesis challenged him to a race, and the winner was going to be...
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Meet Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman is an astronaut. He flies to outer space in his space shuttle on missions to help out people on Earth. Read about Chris’s first mission here:
Chris just finished astronaut school when...
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Meet Julie Spool
Julie Spool is a gymnast and works very hard to perform backflips and other cool tricks in her routines. Read a story about her here:
Julie was training to be the best gymnast at...
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Meet Sam Arthur
Chef Sam Arthur is one of the best chefs in the world. He makes really delicious food. Read a story about Chef Sam here:
One day, he got a call ordering 50 pizzas for a party, and they needed them...
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Meet Bill Branson
Bill Branson is a very brave fire fighter. He puts out fires with the hose on his truck. Read a story about Bill here:
Bill got a call at the fire station one afternoon. There was a building on fire...
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Meet Nathan Ford
Dr. Nathan Ford works at the hospital. He helps people get better. Here is a story about Dr. Ford’s bravery:
One day, he was watching a baseball game at the school after work. When it was...
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Meet Elliot Spenser
Elliot Spenser is a soldier. He fights to protect his country from harm. Here is his story:
Elliot was training to be a soldier for the army. He really wanted to protect his country so he signed...
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