The Story

In today's world, kids know what superheroes or princesses can do.

But do they know that the real life heroes like firefighters are the real champions?

Inspired by a five year old’s curiosity, Brave Champs is a nonfiction, educational, board game for the whole family.

Hello and welcome, I am Niketa Jhaveri, the Inventor of Brave Champs. Brave Champs was inspired by my child’s curiosity on the people we interact with every day – the real champions of our community such as Firefighter, Mailman, Pediatrician, Teachers, and many more… A fun game of questions played with my kids turned into an interactive & educational board game that teaches about different professions in the world.

Our Philosophy

Children today, are looking for role models and they emulate them everywhere we go. Brave Champs is all about everyday heroes in our lives. The people that we interact with every single day, the one’s society cannot function without. The firemen, doctors, mailmen, trash collectors and others that are working hard every day to make sure we have a high quality of life and that the work that needs done, gets done.

How It Works

Brave Champs will empower and inspire children to interact with others through role play and team building skills. It will ignite a spark in their imaginative minds and create a new level of learning that matches or surpasses today’s school curriculum. 

With 100 individualized cards containing 100 different roles that children can play, Brave Champs makes learning, enhancing vocabulary, and reading comprehension a fun and enjoyable process. We have included high quality artwork, a wide variety of colors, and world class design to make Brave Champs more engaging and a personable experience. 

Try Brave Champs today to see why parents all over the world love Brave Champs. It is not just that it has changed the way their children think, interact, and respond to the world around them but also because it is a fun family entertainer!!!

The Team

Niketa Jhaveri
As the founder of Brave Champs, Niketa Jhaveri relies on her many years of successful experience in the IT and Human Computer Interaction field. Her attention to detail and meticulous techniques have led her to become to foremost leader in her industry and that shines through in every project she undertakes.
Niketa is a world class business strategist with the spirit of a visionary. When she takes on a project, she delivers it with a drive and tenacity that cannot be contained. Throughout her career in user Centered Design processes, she has utilized her natural creative design processes to allow herself to accept and challenge and provide a real world solution that is soluble for all.
Her passion for learning and gaining new and valuable knowledge enabled her to integrate that into her new career as a mother. Niketa believes in teaching her children through tangible methods which is why she eventually created Brave Champs. By developing a learning tool that both parents and children alike would enjoy, she has created the ability to educate children while making it fun, exciting and personal.
Mihil Jhaveri
Mihil is an entrepreneur and a technologist with an eye towards innovative and optimal software solutions for complex business problems. With a MBA and MS in Computer Science and 15 years of experience in IT industry, he is versatile in taking ideas and products from concept to completion.

Mihil strives to help small business owners like Niketa Jhaveri to be successful; by providing advise on strategic planning, process improvement and technology.
Deepak Goel
Deepak is a serial entrepreneur and has been with three successful startups across stages (0-1 million, 1-10 million and 10-100 million). He has experience across domains (email, content, coupons, retail, e-commerce, real estate, maps, traffic & education), across product types (consumer, enterprise, mobile, social and platform), across functions (engineering, product management & marketing) and across levels (individual contributor, manager, director, VP and CXO).

Deepak is a mentor at 500 Startups and an angel investor in few startups (Packback Books, Sverve, TheStylisted). He is also an advisor to Khosla Impact Fund & Impact Engine accelerator and advises several companies on strategy, product, marketing and technology.
Patrick Matos
​​Patrick is the founder and CEO of CareLuLu, and an actively involved father of two. CareLuLu's mission is to simplify parents’ lives by helping them find safe and affordable daycare and preschool ​ options​, while helping child care providers (mostly small businesses) grow their business. Patrick grew up in France and studied at the Grenoble Institute of Technology, as well as the University of California Berkeley. ​He holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering, speaks English, French, Portuguese, Spanish​,​ and hold ​s​ 11 patents.

Before CareLuLu, ​Patrick ​spent 10 years in the US and in Europe in a variety of roles including engineering, consulting, product and project management. ​

Vipul Gandhi
Vipul has spent over 25 years in retail industries with Kalpana Trading Company serving in entire GUJRAT state in INDIA and including an expatriate assignment all of which cumulatively developed into a skilled and experienced executive. His unique ability through experience to speak and think cross functionally makes him an ideal advisor. Vipul has leveraged his experience from marketing strategy through supply chain analysis to deliver growth through strategic planning and solid operational execution. Most recently, Vipul served in senior leadership roles bringing focus and stability to an organization during a time of rapid change and transformation. Vipul has worked with respected international brand like Arrow, with their national Wei known brands like Lawman, Actuel, Oil & Grease, Bad Boys, W, Peach, Astron and Desi Belle. In the ready made garments products of entire family wear.

Behind the scenes