Testimonials from Parents

Brave Champs is such a fun way to teach the kids about Everyday Heroes. It really holds the interest of kids and they don't even realize that they're learning so much about the professions in our world while having fun. I have two kids 4 & 9. I got Brave Champs for my 4yr old but soon realized that my 9 yr old was equally excited about it. My 4 yr old enjoys guessing and collecting cards while my 9 yr old loves to read and do the role play and gets excited when she gets something right.
The colorful and simple design of the game is perfect for younger kids who are just learning about board games. If you are looking for a great game to gift someone or just play with your kids, I highly recommend Brave Champs. It's fun and educational game for the whole family!!

My 5yr old and 3yr old played the game with me and they enjoyed it. For the 5yr old it helped with building reading, grammar, vocabulary skills and for the 3yr old it helped learn about new professions. Both were enthusiastic in the race to win the most cards and the trophy cards added to the variation and excitement during the play. The product is made with good quality and the pawns, cards, board and die colors appeal to the children. The cards have rounded corners unlike other board game cards with sharp corners and the 3yr old liked to study the Brave Champs characters on the card. It is a quick, educational, entertaining family game!

My 5 and 8 year old girls love this game! They have been playing it nonstop since they got it 2 weeks ago. The game is very well made and my girls get so excited about the trophy cards. I was really surprised about how little my girls knew about professions but now they're a whiz! They especially love to act out some of the professions and have my husband and I guess who they are. If you are looking for a great game to play with the family, I highly recommend Brave Champs! It's fun and educational for the whole family!!

Testimonials from Medical Professionals

Such a fun game! I work with special needs children and have been able to incorporate this game in groups of children with varying age and skill range (I would say more consistently 4-10 year olds). The game is simple and yet modifiable enough to sustain interest of slightly older children as well as keep attention of 3-5 year olds who are just learning board games. The quality of the game pieces is wonderful and the art work very attractive, it has sustained manhandling at my work place fairly well. The packaging makes storage easy as well.

As a speech-language pathologist, Brave Champs was a great activity to target "wh"/"who" questions. My students enjoyed this fun and interactive way to work on their goals during therapy sessions!

Awesome game to teach kids about different professions in a fun way, very good quality, highly recommend!!

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Erica Farney -Compass School, Executive Director - Naperville, IL
“With Brave Champs, kids learn new vocabulary and comprehension skills. The kids also love making up their own stories about the Champs cards and challenging their friends to do so. I think it is very important for kids to learn all of these profession titles because they are so relevant to the real world around them. We encourage kids to learn outside of the classroom, and Brave Champs gives them a really fun way to do so.”
Kid, Age 5
“My favorite part is making up stories about the Trophy cards, and I really like to collect them”
Dianna Novello
Parent of 6, 5 and 2
"This game is educational. We love how the cards work for readers and non readers alike! Our two year old can play by picture clues and our kindergarten practices his reading skills without even knowing he's learning!"
Rashmika Rai
Parent of 4 year old
“Brave Champs is a very unique and educational game because it is based on fact and not fiction. My kid learns and get excited about real professions in the world and learn a lot of new vocabulary such as paleontologist and runway marshaller. It's very exciting to see your kid learn while having fun!”