Elliot Spenser
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Elliot Spenser is a soldier. He fights to protect his country from harm. Here is his story:

Elliot was training to be a soldier for the army. He really wanted to protect his country so he signed up to go work in a different country with some other soldiers.

One day, he was eating lunch in the dining tent when he heard a loud ‘bang’! He looked around, but no one else seemed to hear the noise. Then, there was another ‘bang’! He jumped up and started to tell people to leave the tent–quick. He didn’t know what the noise was, but he wanted everyone to be safe. He helped everyone climb out of the tent and when they were gone, he checked the entire tent to see if anyone was left behind. Then, he heard another ‘bang’! It was the enemy! He ran out of the tent to the truck that everyone was on and as soon as he jumped on, the truck started and they drove away.

When they got to safety, he got a Medal of Honor because he acted like a true hero by saving everyone.
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