Nathan Ford
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Doctor Nathan Ford works at the hospital. He helps people get better. Here is a story about Doctor Ford’s bravery:

One day, he was watching a baseball game at the school after work.

When it was one boy’s turn to bat, he hit the ball really hard and ran as fast as he could to first base, but on the way, he tripped over his shoelace and fell down. Doctor Ford was watching and went to go see if the boy was okay. When he reached the boy, he realized that the boy had broken his arm! He knew he had to take the boy to the hospital, but he couldn’t bend the boys arm because he would get more hurt.

Then, Doctor Ford had an idea. He took the boy’s shoelaces and the baseball bat and he tied the boy’s arm to the baseball bat so that it was kept straight.

He walked the boy all the way to his car and drove carefully to the hospital, where the boy got a cast to help his arm get better. Doctor Ford was given a trophy for his hard work and his bravery when the boy broke his arm from the hospital.
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