Bill Branson
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Bill Branson is a very brave fire fighter. He puts out fires with the hose on his truck. Read a story about Bill here:

Bill got a call at the fire station one afternoon. There was a building on fire, and there was a puppy trapped on the top of the building! He jumped in his fire truck, turned on the siren and raced to the scene.

The puppy’s mommy was outside the building, barking very loudly and hoping that her son was safe. Bill ran inside the building with the hose and started spraying the fire with water. Boy, was it hot in there! After the first three floors, he was finally on the same floor as the puppy. Now, all he had to do was find it. He sprayed water at all of the remaining flames, but the puppy was nowhere to be found. Then, he heard a bark from the window. The puppy was out on the ledge! Bill climbed out of the building and told his fellow fire fighter to raise the ladder on the fire truck.

He picked up the puppy with one hand and climbed all the way down to the ground and gave him to his mommy. Everyone said thank you to Bill for being a hero, but the puppy’s mommy gave him a big lick on his face! Bill laughed and got back into his fire truck and went back to the station, where he got given a trophy for his bravery.
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