Sam Arthur
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Chef Sam Arthur is one of the best chefs in the world. He makes really delicious food. Read a story about Chef Sam here:

One day, he got a call ordering 50 pizzas for a party, and they needed them by the evening! Chef Sam had no idea what to do except to get straight to work. He cooked and cooked, making pizzas faster than you can say, “yum!”

When he was done making 50 pizzas, he started to put them into boxes. Then, he noticed that he only had 10 pizzas! Where did the rest of them go? He looked under all of the pots and pans, when suddenly, he smelled the yummy pizzas.

He walked out of the kitchen to his restaurant and saw kids sitting at the tables and eating his pizza! He was running out of time, so he went to the kids and said, “Hi kids! I think you ate the wrong food. That pizza was for someone else’s party.”

All of the kids said sorry to Chef Sam, but he didn't know how he was going to finish making the rest in time. Then, he said “If you kids help me make more pizzas, then we can make some extra for you to eat, too!”

All of the kids decided to help Chef Sam, and together they made enough pizzas for the party and extras so that they could have their own pizza party together!
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