Chris Coleman
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Chris Coleman is an astronaut. He flies to outer space in his space shuttle on missions to help out people on Earth. Read about Chris’s first mission here:

Chris just finished astronaut school when he got assigned his first mission. There was a giant meteor headed for Earth, and he had to shoot a rocket and make the meteor explode before it reached the Earth’s surface.

He got inside his space shuttle and 3…2….1….take off! He was shooting through the sky headed straight for space. He soon saw the meteor headed his way, and he pressed the big red button to fire the rocket. He looked out of the window in the space shuttle and saw the rocket explode the meteor.

Then, his space shuttle started to shake! All of the tiny meteorites from the explosion were hitting the outside. He buckled all of his seat belts and took control of the shuttle with the control stick. He swerved through all of the meteorites and then turned around and headed back for Earth. When he landed, he was given a gold trophy for his bravery and for saving the world!
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