Ronald Valentine (RV)
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Ronald Valentine, aka RV, is a race car driver. He races in a very fast red car. Read a story about RV here:

One day, RV’s arch-nemesis challenged him to a race, and the winner was going to be the racing champion.

Finally, the day of the big race came around. RV got into his car and was in first place for most of the race. Then, all of a sudden, he saw a big oil spill ahead of him! He had to slow down and stop the car so that he could go around it, but his arch-nemesis passed him and raced towards the finish line.

RV made his car go as fast as it could, but there was no way he could get back into first place. The finish line was coming up fast! Then, RV saw another oil spill ahead of him, just before the finish line and he had an idea. He made the car go as fast as it could and he drove straight through the oil. His hands slipped off of the steering wheel and the car spun and spun so fast. RV was scared he would hit something, but he knew that the oil would make his car go a little bit faster. RV bravely grabbed the steering wheel and drove straight to the finish line and passed his nemesis. RV won the race and got a huge trophy with a race car on the top.
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