Martha Davis
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Martha Davis is a teacher that teaches kids to read, write and do math in school. Read a story about her here:

On Ms. Martha Davis’s first day of teaching, she walked into her class. All of the kids were throwing paper airplanes and using crayons on the walls! Ms. Davis was worried, and at first didn’t know what to do. But then, she had an idea. She walked up the front of the classroom and started writing on the board.

She first wrote her name, and then she wrote some math problems. She looked at the class, and said loudly “whoever can answer these math questions correctly will be allowed to fly a paper airplane outside!”

As soon as the kids heard her, the whole class cleaned up the room and sat down at their desks and started solving the problems.

All of the kids finished the questions with Ms. Davis’s help, and then they all flew their paper airplanes outside. Ms. Davis even taught the class how to make an even faster paper airplane! The class listened to her from that moment on, and the next day, they used the crayons and made her a trophy for being the best teacher.
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