Mona Grills
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Ms. Mona Grills is a professional ballet dancer. She dances in different recitals and performances. Here is her story:

Mona had a big ballet recital coming up soon. She practiced her routine every day with her dance teacher in her dance class, but there was a mean girl that kept telling Mona that she was doing everything wrong. The teacher told Mona not to listen to the girl, but Mona got sad and went home instead of staying at practice.

The next day, she came into class and kept practicing, and she didn’t listen to the girl. They were all doing jumps when suddenly Mona noticed that the girl’s ballet shoes were untied! The girl started to trip, but Mona dived to the ground and caught her before she fell. The girl was okay, but Mona’s tutu got dirty from the ground. The girl was so amazed that Mona saved her, so she helped Mona clean her tutu.

Both of them practiced together for the recital, and at the recital, she told the judges how Mona helped her. After Mona’s routine, the judges brought out a trophy for Mona for her great dancing and helping the girl.
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