Paul Belick
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Mr. Paul Belick is a policeman. He works in the police station and helps to catch criminals and put them in jail. Here is a story about him:

One morning, three robbers went to the bank on Main Street. They turned off all of the lights and entered quietly through the back door and started taking all of the money!

Mr. Belick was driving by the bank in his police car and wondered, why are all of the lights off? He stopped his car and took out his flashlight and went inside the bank.

Suddenly, he heard a noise! He turned around to find one bank robber who was wearing a mask. Mr. Belick said “freeze” and the bank robber stopped moving. Mr. Belick put him in handcuffs and took him to the police car.

Then, Mr. Belick went back into the bank. He was nervous because all of the lights were off, but he had to catch the other two thieves! Then, all of a sudden, something made a large CRASH! He turned around and saw two robbers running away. He quickly started chasing them, and he chased them all the way back to the front of the bank, where he put them in handcuffs and took them in his police car.

Mr. Belick went back to the police station and got a gold trophy for his bravery from his boss, and the robbers all went to jail.
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