Frank Genovese
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Frank Genovese is a mailman. Every day, he delivers letters and packages to hundreds of different houses. Read Frank’s story:

One day, Mr. Frank was out delivering mail when suddenly it started raining. It rained and rained and then lightning started to flash and thunder started to crash! Lucky for Frank, he only had one piece of mail left. It was from a little boy’s grandma, and he had to go deliver it as fast as he could. But there was a problem. The little boy lived all the way across town!

Frank got into his mail truck and drove carefully. He passed trees that fell down and went through street lights that stopped working! He took out his umbrella and went to the house’s front door. The boy answered the door and was very happy to receive his letter from his grandma. “Thanks Mr. Genovese!” the boy said. Frank smiled and said, “You’re welcome!”

Frank felt like a champion. He braved the storm to get the mail to someone that needed it. He got back into his truck and drove home as the storm went away.
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