Mark Martin
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Mr. Mark Martin works as a pilot and he flies planes all around the world. Read a story about him here:

One day, Mr. Martin got a call. There were 10 people stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean, and they were very hungry and wanted to go home! Of course, Mr. Martin was up for the job.

He got in his plane and started flying when he heard a loud Boom! He looked ahead and saw a gigantic storm cloud right in front of him. He turned the plane so sharply to the side that it almost turned upside down, but he missed the storm cloud and was safe.

When he got to the island, he realized that there was no runway to land! He didn’t know what to do, but he had to help these people get home. The only thing he could do was land the plane in the water, which he had never done before. But, how different could it be?

He started to land the plane and was very nervous at first, but as soon as the plane touched down in the ocean, he knew he did it.

He opened the inflatable slides and all of the people swam to the plane and climbed on. When they returned home, he got a surprise! The people had found a treasure chest full of gold coins on the island, and they decided to give them all to Mr. Martin for his bravery.
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