Shortly About Brave Champs

A quick question board game of identifying the champions of our world

Meet Champions of our world and more with Brave Champs, a new board game that teaches kids about the different professions in our world. Roll the die to speed around the board, name the correct profession, and collect bonus Trophy cards when you land on a Trophy spot! For extra fun, you can act out a story about each of the champions, or print their stories right here on Brave Champs is fun for the whole family!
Download Rules (PDF)            


  • Fast-paced learning game that teaches kids about different professions in the world
  • Fun and engaging artwork on the playing board and playing cards
  • Enhances social interaction and vocabulary skills
  • Contains 4 pawns, 1 die, game board, 100 Champs cards and 10 bonus Trophy cards
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages 4 and up


How to play

Roll the die, pickup the matching color card and give it to the player on your left
Player on your left will ask a question, answer correctly and collect the Champ card
If you land on a Trophy spot, no questions asked but you have to act out or make up a story about that job.
Bonus: You can print each 'Trophy card champion' stories and coloring pages here
Meet the Champs